partnership between ASAL and Wisscom Aerospace Ltd

Algeria – The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) and the British company Wisscom Aerospace Ltd have established a partnership in the framework of the reinforcement of national capacities in the fields of space technologies, says ASAL in a statement.

This partnership, which also involves Zero 2 Infinity, a Spanish company specializing in aerospace engineering and the main partner of Wisscom Aerospace Ltd, aims to "co-develop space systems, in accordance with the objectives of the National Space Program committed in 2006 ", says one source.

"It will strengthen the capital experience already acquired by Algerian engineers, who will deepen their knowledge and know-how around new technological axes and will give the opportunity to multidisciplinary teams made up of experts from ASAL, from Wisscom Aerospace Ltd and Zero 2 Infinity to share their experiences in these cutting edge fields. " It "will also strengthen the autonomy of ASAL teams in new niches," the statement added.

ASAL recalled that Oxford-based Wisscom Aerospace Ltd is headed by Algerian national Abdou Attou, "a distinguished researcher who received the British Government's Strategic Aerospace Innovation Award in 2017". . "

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