Towards the launch of a national e-health strategy in Algiers in 2019

A national strategy of e-health will be launched in 2019, announced Monday in Algiers, Mohamed El Amine Djaker, specialist of information technologies and communication at the World Organization of the health (WHO) in Algeria.

Speaking at the second edition of the Expo e-Health Conference, Mr Djaker said that the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform was developing a national strategy for the health sector. Health, in collaboration with WHO, after the establishment of the necessary legal frameworks to facilitate the management of medical data and help decision-makers make this project a reality.

He stated that WHO will support the implementation of this project, drawing on the experience of countries that have successfully implemented this strategy and in keeping with developments in the medical field. and computers to adapt them to the health sector.

Referring to the progress made in the digitization of the health sector, like telemedicine and distance learning, the expert stressed the importance of working to develop and enrich the current database. the department, given the large number of specialties and health structures in the sector.

For his part, the expert in health information system and collaborator with the Ministry of Health, Nadir Benhamouda, considered it necessary to create a computer system for the health sector and to work for its development, which will help to "rapidly transmit the information to all health actors and thus develop preventive programs to improve the health of citizens."

In addition, Mr. Djaker pleaded for the guarantee of qualified means and human resources and the organization of continuing education sessions to support the various actors in this sector.


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