Video- The Mouloudia of Algiers celebrates its 97th birthday

The history of the most popular club in Algeria began on August 7, 1921 corresponding to the festival of Mouloud that year. From there is the adventure of Mouloudia Chaabia of Algiers.

Mouloudia, dean of Algerian clubs, celebrates its 97th birthday. Thousands of MCA supporters also gathered at the El Kettani esplanade in Bab El Oued. Smoke cracking was organized by the different groups of supporters. The impressive images of the open-air show went around the canvas.

The MCA gallery hopes, however, to reconnect with the glory that the club enjoyed in the 70s. The young "Chanaouas" dream of knowing the same sensations that their parents had with the Bencheikh, Draoui, Zenir, Bachta and the others.

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