67 kg of cocaine discovered in … pineapples

Some 67 kilos of cocaine were found by Spanish police in pineapples from Costa Rica.

Spanish police announced Monday that they seized 67 kilos of cocaine hidden in Costa Rican pineapples in the main fruit and vegetable market in Madrid.

A coating of wax or paraffin to disguise the odor.

The pineapples were "perfectly drained and filled with compact cylinders of cocaine", weighing between 800 grams and a kilo, "covered with a coating of wax or yellowish paraffin" which was used to camouflage the smell of the drug, the police said in a statement. Seven people were arrested, three in Madrid and four in Barcelona.

The cargo of pineapple from Costa Rica was landed in Setubal, Portugal, and transported by land to Madrid. The import company was monitored by the police after several operations against the importation of drugs into pineapple shipments.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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