Attack with a knife in Paris: One of the Algerians who have mastered the aggressor testifies

In Paris, the day after the knife attack that left 7 wounded, including 4 serious, along the Ourcq canal, one of the Algerians who helped neutralize the attacker testifies.

The man who stabbed several people Sunday night in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, was mastered by passersby equipped with wooden bats and petanque balls. Especially by Boudjema Smaïn a young Algerian who tells the face-to-face in this video of the AFP

"I saw a guy with a knife trying to stab people, we took our bowls and hop, basta," says Boudjema Hamani franceinfo.

The aggressor managed to walk a few meters, before "start to daze", still tells Boudjema Hamani. This is where one of his friends "took advantage of the opportunity" to disarm the man, hitting him with a board. "Smain has mastered it, the knife has been removed from his hand," reports this witness.

The suspect was taken into custody and hospitalized on Monday. At this stage, according to the Paris prosecutor's office, there is nothing to suggest the terrorist track.

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