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Frontex boss calls on Europeans to intensify expulsions of illegal migrants

European states must step up deportations of illegal aliens, otherwise "the problem of migrants will not be solved," Frontex border agency boss Fabrice Leggeri said in an interview on Thursday. Ebra group

"Member States need to make more effective decisions on removals that are better implemented," he said.

Indeed, even though irregular arrivals in Europe have fallen to "around 75,000" this year compared with 1.2 million in 2015, the number of migrants illegally staying on European soil "is constantly increasing", with last year "151,000 removals for 204,700 irregular entries", he assured.

"If we continue this way, we send an implicit message to potential migrants: try at all costs to move to Europe, because even if we are caught, we have every chance to stay," he said. asserted, with the risk of "illegals creating in some neighborhoods a form of parallel society, operating on a black economy, like 'bubbles' where the law does not apply", which "is unbearable in a state". of law. "

Source: AFP

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