Monday opening of the regular session of Parliament

The Parliament will open next Monday its second ordinary session in the framework of the 8th legislature with bills to submit to MPs, the completion of the revision of the Rules of Procedure of the National People's Congress (NPC) .

In addition to the draft of the Finance Act 2019, the next session, third under the revised Constitution which instituted a single ordinary session per year of a minimum duration of 10 months, will have settled on the draft law the interior of the NPC, as stated by its President Said Bouhadja at the closing of the previous session, stating that "several challenges" await MPs and that "the completion of the revision of the NPC's Rules of Procedure, comes first in future missions. "

The vote on the AFN's Rules of Procedure was postponed following the debates and proposals made by the deputies concerning, in particular, the revision of the question of the sanctions imposed on them in certain cases.

Article 69, which states that after the accumulation of three unjustified absences from the work of the commissions and the plenary sessions, the member is exposed to sanctions that could lead to a drain on the parliamentary allowance. , counted on the basis of days of absence.

The accumulation of three unjustified absences during the same session deprives the member concerned of the right to apply for any post in the Assembly under the following renewal.

On this issue, Mr. Bouhadja had clarified that the plenary discussions required, in the light of the preliminary report of the Committee on Legal, Administrative and Freedoms, more time to broaden the consultation, reach the elaboration an integral and coherent text in conformity with the Constitution and the provisions of the organic law defining the organization and the functioning of the AFN and the Council of the Nation as well as the functional relations between these and the government ".

As a reminder, the amendments concerning the law relating to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly numbered 133, the majority of which concerned the suppression of the punitive character in case of absence from the work of the Assembly, the enlargement of the powers of the parliamentary opposition, parliamentary days, study days for parliamentary groups, fact-finding missions and examination of amendments and proposed laws in the form.

  1. Bouhadja had insisted in this regard that any case law on matters relating to the Rules of Procedure must be based on a text and any opinion must be supported by evidence, adding that "the correct reading of Article 114 of the Constitution requires a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the NPC. "

Source: APS

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