Poland rejects UN pact on migration

The Polish Conservative government announced on Tuesday that it would reject the UN Migration Pact to be signed in December, along with the US, Israel and a few other Central European countries.

"The draft agreement on the Global Compact on Migration does not guarantee the security of Poland," the government said in a statement, and is "contrary to the priorities of the government that are the security of Polish citizens and maintaining control of migratory flows "

The government of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) criticizes the pact for not allowing countries to decide for themselves who they want to accept on their territory and to "distinguish between legal migration and illegal migration".

In July, after 18 months of negotiations, the UN member states, with the exception of the United States, gave their green light to the creation of this pact, which notably calls for strengthening international cooperation to manage immigration. It must be endorsed during a summit in Marrakech on December 10 and 11

Washington withdrew at the end of 2017 from the drafting of the document, ruling that it included provisions contrary to Donald Trump's immigration policy.

Viktor Orban's Hungarian government, for its part, denounced a pact deemed "dangerous", claiming that it "will incite millions of people to take the road". In late October, the Austrian government also announced its withdrawal from the pact, followed in mid-November by the Czech Republic. Also on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his country would not sign it.

Source: AFP

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