Polling station president killed by suspected terrorists in Mali

The president of a polling station supervising the holding of the Malian presidential election was shot dead Sunday by gunmen south-west of Timbuktu in the north of the country, AFP reported. safe sources and a local elected official.

"Terrorists came around 13:30 (GMT and local) in a polling station Arkodia", a locality located some 100 km southwest of Timbuktu, in an area regularly targeted by attacks by terrorist groups , said a local elected representative.

"They asked everyone to raise their hands. The president of the polling station wanted to flee. The terrorists shot at him and killed him, "he added.

"They molested everyone. They banned the vote, "he said.

Terrorist groups, driven out of this region in 2013 by a French military intervention, called this election "an illusion".

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