Protesters attack religious school in Iran, growing tensions

Iranian protesters attacked a religious school in a province near Tehran after several days of protests against economic hardships in the run-up to US sanctions

While Iran is barely emerging from years of isolation after a nuclear deal reached in 2015 with the major powers, the American administration of Donald Trump, hostile to Tehran, has decided to withdraw from this agreement deemed insufficient and restore the sanctions against this country from Tuesday.

The Iranians, worn out by an endemic economic crisis that fuels anger against the political system, fear a worsening of the situation marked by the fall of the Iranian currency, the rial, which lost about two thirds of its value in six months.

Friday evening, "about 500 protesters attacked a religious school, trying to break its doors and burn objects," Fars news agency, close to the conservatives, quoted the school director as saying on Saturday. of Ishtehad in the province of Karaj.

They "arrived with stones and smashed all the windows of the prayer room, chanting slogans against the regime", before being dispersed by the riot police, he added, noting arrests.

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