Rapper Mac Miller died of an overdose

Rapper Mac Miller, who was noted for his songs about President Donald Trump and a difficult separation from singer Ariana Grande, died accidentally, after absorbing a mixture of drugs and alcohol, revealed necropsy.

The 26-year-old artist, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, was found at his home in Los Angeles on September 7th. An inquiry had been opened to determine precisely the causes of his death. According to the report of the medical examiner published Monday, Mac Miller has succumbed to a "toxic mixture of drugs" including fentanyl – a very powerful opiate that causes an unprecedented wave of deaths in the United States – cocaine and alcohol.

"The cause of death is accidental," writes the lawyer. Mac Miller died a few months after the end of her highly publicized two-year relationship with Ariana Grande, who was sometimes considered her inspiration. In May, shortly after their breakup, he had a car accident and was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He spoke openly about his addiction problems and said that when he released his fifth studio album "Swimming" in August, he was getting better and better.

"Did I use drugs? Yes. But am I an addict? No, "he told Rolling Stone magazine. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Malcolm McCormick gained fame by posting his music online as a teenager. His songs had a minimalist sound with a powerful rhythm reminiscent of the first hours of rap. In 2011, he wrote a song whose theme was "to become immensely rich" and, as a metaphor, called it "Donald Trump".


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