rising fuel prices cause an anti-Macron front

A real front against President Emmanuel Macron and his executive that was formed following the rise in fuel prices in France, a grumbling far from blooming especially with the day of blocking roads for the November 17.

The general dissatisfaction of the French rose this week a notch with rants on social networks and petitions gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures.

The rise in fuel prices, whose origin is the rise in the price of a barrel of oil, was accentuated by an increase in taxes, including six cents per liter for gasoline and eleven for diesel.

It should also be pointed out that the price of fuel, generally speaking, has not stopped increasing for a year.

This increase in taxation has been explained by the government through measures taken in the context of its environmental policy, a small portion of which is allocated to the ecological transition.

President Macron and his government are trying to contain this crisis with measures, including an expansion of the conditions for access to the "energy check", paid to the most modest French people struggling to heat, and which must pass in 2019 at 200 euros on average against 150 euros this year.

Several homes were forced to reduce heating so they would not have to pay salty bills.

For the French obliged to use their vehicle to go to work, the State offers transport aids paid by the regions. The Hauts-de-France region announced Tuesday an aid of 20 euros per month from 60 km return trip daily.

But this is far from weakening the position of the initiators of the call to block roads on November 17, supported by elected officials, including the National Rally and Republicans.

President Macron blasted this "demagogy" against which he said "always suspicious", arguing that behind these calls "we find a little bit of everything".

Knowing no doubt that in this crisis he will leave feathers, he estimated Tuesday that his popularity rating, at the lowest, "will probably be a good time" affected.

To Frenchmen unhappy with his policy, President Macron said on Europe 1 that the goal of the path taken by his government is to "profoundly transform the country, not just to treat the effects but to tackle the causes . "

This has led observers to believe that the government "has increased risk taking, which have become so many mistakes."

Others prefer to speak of a "coagulation of discontent that gives a certain vigor to the challenge of the price of fuels", pointing out that the question of purchasing power becomes "central" again among the French.

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