Some 5,000 caravan migrants return to the United States

Some 5,000 migrants from the "caravan" left Mexico Saturday morning to resume their trek to the United States, despite fatigue and disease.

Five oars, made especially available, each transported a thousand migrants, supervised by a thousand policemen, according to the direction of the subway of the Mexican capital.
The migrants were transported to the limit of the State of Mexico, from where they continue on their way to Queretaro, in the center of the country. The day before, a group of some 1,300 migrants had already left the capital.

On Thursday evening, after unsuccessfully requesting 150 buses for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the migrants decided to resume their progress at a meeting where divisions were appeared on the strategy to follow.
The caravan left on October 13 from the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras, fleeing poverty and violence, and traveled more than 1,500 km. At least two other migrant processions have since formed. US President Donald Trump denounced an "invasion" and mobilized thousands of soldiers to stop them at the border.

On Saturday morning, the migrants left the camp where they had spent six nights in a sports complex in the east of the Mexican capital, before rushing into the metro, which had opened an hour earlier. than usual to transport migrants. Some carried babies in their arms, others pushed strollers, children walked in their pajamas.
"We caught cold, by sleeping outside, now we are sick. The children have caught lice, there is not always enough water to wash, "says Adamari Correa, a Guatemalan who travels with his sister and nephews.
" We got sick with all these changes in temperature, but we are determined to go to the border (with the United States) and beyond, "said Wilson Alexander Mejía, a 27-year-old Honduran worker traveling alone.

Source: APS

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