"The blue fear" of a Moroccan actor who overwhelmed in a video Mohammed VI

Algeria – Apart from some who have spoken with him, the media of the kingdom have, for the vast majority, piped the word. Bachir Skirej, a Moroccan comedian known on the local art scene, but also for his acquaintances with the Royal Palace, lives in "a blue fear" for a few days. The cause: a video, published without his knowledge a few days ago, in which he soliloquies on the private and intimate life of King Mohammed VI in particular, and the royal family in general.

Become viral, on this video we see the stocky actor lying on a couch of scarlet color, probably in a living room. He seemed to be answering questions that at least two people with him in the same room asked him. The man speaks of the Moroccan dialect monarchy interspersed with expression in the Spanish language.

Gradually the actor goes crazy and begins to engage his interlocutors. Claiming to know the workings of Makhzen, he begins to spread the intimate life of King Mohammed VI from his divorce with Princess Salma, to his supposed "homosexuality". Visibly voluble, it also addresses the biological origin of Hassan II, but also that of Crown Prince Hassan, who, if he ever reaches the throne, will be called Hassan III.

The two invisible interviewers on the video pushed each time the cork a little far. At the end of the video, we see the camera that was filming and recording the conversation heading for the screen of a computer on which is displayed the portrait of Bachir Skirej.

Affected by what happened to him, the comedian has since published other videos to clear customs. In an interview, he also said he had a heart attack. For the time being, he has neither been arrested nor accused of lèse majesté.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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