Trump suppresses new aid to Palestinians

The United States on Sunday slashed a new tranche of aid to the Palestinians, having already ended more than $ 200 million in aid to them, according to a diplomatic source. ]

US News cuts target programs to bring Palestinians and Israelis closer to $ 10 million, according to a source at the embassy American in Israel.

"We reallocate some of that $ 10 million for conflict management," she said.

The source did not indicate the exact amount of the reallocated amount, but said that the programs in question will now be devoted to the reconciliation between Israelis and Israeli Arabs, who represent 17.5% of the population of Israel .

On August 24, the United States announced the cancellation of more than $ 200 million of aid to Palestinians. This money will now be used to "improve" programs in Israel, the source said in the US Embassy.

Source: APS

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