Tunisia: a reshuffle, a minister of Jewish confession and a presidential challenge

Algeria – Tunisia's Prime Minister Youssef Chahed yesterday proceeded to a vast ministerial reshuffle yesterday. Since its designation in August 2016, it is the third movement that the tenant of the palace of Kasba operates.

Several portfolios were affected by the reshuffle. In all, there are 13 ministries, one of which is a regal, in this case that of Justice, which have been concerned. At the same time, five new secretaries of state have entered what the Tunisian press is already calling the Chahed III government.

Highlight: a minister of Jewish faith inherited the portfolio of Tourism and Handicrafts, a ministry almost regal, if not, for the eastern neighbor in those years of lean cows . He is René Trabelsi, a businessman and a professional in the sector, as presented by the radio Mosaïque FM.

Patron of Royal First Travel (RFT), a local tour operator who organizes tourist trips to Tunisia, Rene Trabelsi was once expected to this post. He is also a member of the organizing commission of the annual Jewish pilgrimage of Ghriba, an ancient synagogue located in the almost island of Djerba.

While the businessman can boast of being the first Jewish minister appointed since 1956, his appointment is beginning to be controversial.

Yassine Ayari, MP and blogger, often accused of connivance with radical Islam, said, from the outset, he will appeal this appointment to justice, according Kapitalis. While asserting that it is not because of the religion of the freshly parachuted minister, the parliamentarian evokes a conflict of interest because the man is a boss.

In addition to the reaction of the deputy, the reshuffle of Youssef Chahed attests to a deep political crisis that undermines Tunisia. Muted beforehand, this crisis begins to take on other proportions.

In response to Chahed's maneuvers, Tunisian President Béji Caïd Essebsi let himself express his displeasure by publicly reframing the man who was his former colt. Saïda Garrache, spokesman for the presidency of the Republic, set the tone for the "imposed" and "hasty" movement.

" This is a hasty remodel and there has been an attempt to impose the fait accompli. The head of the government did not concert with the president of the Republic around the reorganization and the composition of the ministers. He was just informed at a late hour of the reshuffle … The President of the Republic does not agree with this method of work on the part of the head of the government. He was informed of the reshuffle and there would be changes of names meanwhile, "she noted according to Mosaïque FM.

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